Oscillating Wave Test System (OWTS) for On-site PD Diagnostics of Cables

///Oscillating Wave Test System (OWTS) for On-site PD Diagnostics of Cables
Oscillating Wave Test System (OWTS) for On-site PD Diagnostics of Cables 2024-02-03T20:38:50+00:00

Project Description


1. HV-OWS series is an integrated partial discharge test system, mainly used for partial discharge diagnosis of medium voltage cables. The system test frequency is 50Hz to several hundreds of Hz damping AC voltage, the damping AC voltage generated by the system during the test process can reach 60kV, and it is combined with advanced system hardware and system software for diagnosis.

●The latest power electronic semiconductor technology

●The latest laser control technology

●Advanced digital signal processor and filtering technology

●Advanced wireless network control technology.

2. The measurement and analysis software can perform remote data analysis under the condition of a network.

3. Full English operation interface, capable of recording oscillating voltage waveforms and partial discharge signal waveforms, and making real-time dots during the pressurization process;

4. Automatically display the frequency, amplitude and sampling time width of the oscillating voltage waveform.

5. It can automatically analyze the waveform expansion of the tested partial discharge signal.

6. Automatically display the dielectric loss test value.

7. Automatically generate a partial discharge location map and generate statistical reports, and automatically generate a partial discharge statistical map.

Output voltage Maximum: ±60kVpeak
Oscillation frequency range 20Hz~850Hz
Inductance 1.0H~2.1H (optional)
Data analysis Manual analysis, automatic analysis (analog and digital filtering)
Capacitance range to be measured 0.05~5uF
High voltage charging current 10mA
Partial discharge test range 10pC~200nC
Measurement accuracy ±0.1pC (sampling 14bits)
Wave speed 50-300m/us
Locating accuracy ±0.1m
Locating error ≤1%×cable length
PD level detection According to IEC60270
PD locating bandwidth 100kHZ~50MHZ automatic or manual selection
Dielectric loss value tan δ 0.1%~10%
Supply voltage 180V~250V, AC 50Hz
Operating temperature -120℃~ + 60℃
Weight About 88kg
Size Diameter 650mm, height 980mm
Interface WLAN (IEEE802.11g)/100M Ethernet card


No. Name Qty.
1 HV-OWS-63 oscillating wave test system main unit 1set
2 Notebook computer (with built-in oscillating wave partial discharge test and analysis software system) 1set
3 External compensation capacitor 1set
4 High voltage pulse calibration generator 1set
5 High voltage test cable 1set
6 High-voltage connecting cable (connecting compensation capacitors) 1set
7 Calibration pulse generator cable (one red and one black) 2pcs
8 Control acquisition cable 1pc
9 Network communication cable (with network port to type-c module) 1pc
10 Ground wire 1pc
11 Ground rod 1pc
12 Power cable 1pc
13 Accessories wire pack 1pc
14 Operation manual 1copy
15 Certificate/Warranty card 1copy
16 Packing list