Cable Fault Locating System

///Cable Fault Locating System
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Project Description


● Strong burning ability, max.burning power is 1000W, breakdown point can be burned in short time and the resistance of breakdown point is decreased.
● If working together with GD-2133 Cable Fault Tester, there are two locating ways:
a. Low voltage pulse: If only using GD-2133, open circuit and low impedance grounding faults of cable can be located, and the length of cable can be measured or wave speed of cable can be detected.
b. High voltage flashover: The discharging pulse voltage waveform of fault point is sampled by discharging sphere gap, which can locate fault distance.
● Generate impulse of fixed frequency. If working together with GD-2132 Cable Fault Locator, there are following functions:
a. The audio method is used to complete the precise location of the general high-resistance and flashover fault points.
b. To pinpoint cable’s route, identify special cable.
c. For metallic breakdown(dead grounding), using magnetic-field measurement to locate accurately.
● It also can be used in DC HV withstand test.


● Input power supply: AC 220V,50Hz
● Output voltage: DC 0-32kV (adjustable)
● Rated power: 2000VA
● 2048J, 4uF
● DC flashover voltage: 32kV
● DC flashover current: 63mA
● Max.impulse current: 500mA
● Discharging method: DC HV, one time, cycle
● Cycle discharging time: 3-6 seconds
● Environmental temperature:0-40℃
● Humidity:<75% RH
● Altitude:<1000m
● Insulation level: A
● Dimension: 430*540*410mm
● Weight:about 31kg.