Cable Indentifier

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Project Description


● Handheld receiver automatically identify and display the results to ensure that the results of cable identification are 100% accurate. Light weight and powerful, easy to carry.
● Suitable for on-site identification of de-energized cables.
● Both transmitter and handheld receiver are used during identification.
● The transmitter uses the principle of pulse current to inject a pulse current signal with a maximum value of 30A into the cable core, which generates electromagnetic field around the target cable.
● The handheld receiver can accurately measure the electromagnetic field signal through the induction clamp. Because of the directionality of current, the signal of magnetic field also has directionality.
● 2*1.5V AA (No. 5) dry batteries are used in the handheld receiver. It is necessary to avoid mixing old and new batteries, check battery power regularly, and unload batteries when long-term no use of the instrument.
● Built-in large capacity lithium battery for transmitter. When the instrument is not used for a long time, it is recommended that the batteries be charged and maintained every other month in order to avoid battery self-discharge depletion and damage. Please turn off the transmitter during charging. After plugging in the special power adapter, the built-in battery is charged with AC220V, 50Hz power supply. The transmitter automatically controls the charging process and displays the “Charging in progress”, “Full up” and the percentage of remaining electricity in the power indicator screen.


● Working power supply: built-in 12V/2.6Ah lithium ion battery.
● Indication: battery power indication.
● Impulse voltage: 500V.
● Impulse current: Max. 30A (depend on circuit resistance).
● Impulse frequency: 15 times/min.
● Impulse width: 10ms.
● On-site continuous working hours: >10H.
● Display: positive LCD display, clear display in sunlight.
● Working temperature: -25℃~60℃.
● Humidity: ≤80% RH, no condensation.
● Dimension & weight: 180*110*100mm, 1250g.

● Working power supply: 2*1.5V AA (No. 5) dry batteries.
● Indication: signal strength indication.
● Clamp: inner diameter Ø180mm, flexible clamp.
● Gain adjustment: 10 gears (-3dB…..24dB).
● On-site continuous working hours: >50H.
● Display: High-bright LED lights for clear display in the sun.
● Working temperature: -25℃~60℃.
● Humidity: ≤80% RH, no condensation.
● Dimension & weight: 150*80*40mm, 220g