uXcel series –reliable digital control

UK Excellent Engineering-Three Phase 110VDC 50AMPS Thyristor Charger

  • Automatic controlled thyristor / full wave half controlled bridge technology

  • Versatile constant voltage and constant current charging modes

  • Large LCD display with touch screen

  • Wide adjusted voltage and current range

  • Battery management system

  • Programmable charge voltage/ current limit

  • Precise adjustable temperature compensation

  • Isolated RS232 or RS485, Ethernet

  • Isolation transformer

  • Remote monitoring capabilities

  • Full compatibility with lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries, sealed or vented

  • Robust mechanical design

  • Up to IP65 external protection

  • Access facility software

  • Full data logging

  • Multiple protection


EverExceed uXcel series is a new kind of advanced reliable digital controlled rectifier -charger for battery and DC load. This charger adopts the digital IC, the control trigger has excellent integration, powerful function and high reliability.
The rectifier-charger has lots of functions such as programming con-stant-current, constant-voltage multi-stage charging, it is not only used as a charger for battery, but also used as the DC power sources with constant-current and/or constant-voltage, as the power for many loads like formation, switchgear etc. The rectifier-charger is programmable and can be operated automatically. High reliability, robust design and advanced communication facilities make the uXcel rectifier charger the most state-of-the-art products around the world, with remote monitoring and/or control function. Available in single and three phase up to 220kW, and using ultra rugged phase controlled technologies, this uXcel series is ideal for all  Industrial applications including power transmission and distribution, oil and gas and petrochemical industries, transportation (rail, metro, tramway).


uXcel series is fully adaptable to customers power protection needs. A full range of additional options is available enabling us to tailor solu tions for diverse industrial environments:


uXcel series applies the latest Digital Control technology to control the 6-pulse thyristor bridge rectifier 12-pulse optional). The embedded microcomputer controller processes signals by up to 10 times faster than standard analogue methods. The product design affords easy front-access to all vital modules of the system. Memory function start machine automatically after utility power recovering. Charging method and processes switch automatically.


uXcel series provides lasting secure power architecture for your industrial applications design (vertical through: Natural ventilation on most of the range Continuous operation at full load in permanent 50°C ambient temperature. System lifetime of 20 years in continuous operation conditions Robust mechanical and horizontal acceleration stressup to 0,5 g as standard).


uXcel series uses intuitive multilingual digital graphic control, meaning system status, measurements and alarms are accessible from the front panel of the equipment .The embedded ‘event Log’ function allows the user to trace the events. Event memory is activated from the first event appearance on. RS232, RS485 allow the monitoring equipment through Save network.


uXcel series is fully compatible with lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries, sealed or vented. A programmable battery test evaluates the efficiency of the entire battery. Tests on individual cells are achieved by employing our latest Battery Management system option. Constant current constant voltage charging and constant current discharging can switch automatically voltage, current etc. parameters are viewed when the equipment is running.


The uXcel series provides:

  •  Continuous real time monitoring
  • Regular transmission of an operating status report
  • Performance analysis
  • Remote monitoring


The uxcel rectifier-charger range suits all DC applications requiring a large battery back-up:

  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Continuous process industries
  •  Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industries
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