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Project Description


● Compass display: intuitively displays the pipeline location and left & right directions.
● Tracking true and false prompts: current direction measurement, tracking correct error prompts, eliminating line interference (some frequencies).
● Depth and current measurements, can display the signal strength historical curve.
● Fully digital high-precision sampling processing: stable and reliable, ultra-high sensitivity, narrow receiving passband, strong anti-interference ability, can fully suppress the power frequency and harmonic interference of adjacent running cables and pipelines.
● Running cable detection: high-performance transmission clamps, maximum coupling output signal to the running cable.
● Cable/pipeline identification: Flexible clamps (optional) are easy to use and clearly give identification results; stethoscopes (optional) can be used when it is not convenient to use clamps.
● Ground fault finding: HV booster (optional) boosts the maximum output voltage to 1000V, uses the A frame (optional) to locate the ground insulation breakage points of the pipeline, no need to adjust zero. The arrow indicates the direction of the fault point.
● Multiple detection frequencies: active detection and passive detection.
● A variety of signal output of the transmitter: direct connection output, clamp coupling output, radiation induction.
● High power output of transmitter, multiple output adjustable, automatic impedance matching and protection.
● Built-in large capacity lithium ion battery group, it will automatic shutdown undervoltage or long time no operation,
● Rugged case, light and portable.


● Output modes: direct connection output, radiation induction, clamp coupling output(optional), fault locating HV booster(optional).
● Output frequency: 640Hz (compound frequency), 1280Hz (compound frequency), 10kHz, 33kHz, 82kHz, 197kHz.
● Output power: Max.10W, 10 gears adjustable, automatic impedance matching.
● Direct connection output voltage: maximum 150Vpp.
● Overload and short circuit protection.
● Man-machine interface: 320 x240 dot matrix LCD display.
● Built-in battery: 4 section 18650 lithium ion battery, nominal 7.4V, 6.8Ah.

● Input mode: Built-in receiving coil, flexible clamp-on CTs(optional), Stethoscope(optional), A type fault detection device(optional).
● Receiving frequency:
Active detection frequency for Pipes: 640Hz, 1280Hz, 10kHz, 33kHz, 82kHz, 197kHz.
Power frequency passive detection frequency: 50Hz/60Hz and 250Hz/300Hz (user configurable).
RF passive detection frequency: the center frequency is 10kHz, 33kHz, 83kHz respectively.
● Pipe detection mode: Wide peak method, narrow peak method, sound Valley method.
● Cable identification mode: flexible clamp-on CTs(optional) automatic identification and current measurement, stethoscope(optional) identification.
● 320*240 LCD display, shows signal amplitude, left/right direction, correct/false indication, history curve of signal strength, depth, current and result.
● Built-in battery, 2 section 18650 lithium ion battery, rated 7.4V, 3.4Ah.

● Dimension: Transmitter 280*220*90mm. Receiver 680*270*120mm.
● Weight: Transmitter 2.2kg. Receiver 3.5kg.
● Charger: AC100-240V input, 50/60Hz, output DC 8.4V,2A/3A.
● Working condition: Temperature -10-40℃, Humidity 5-90% RH, altitude<4500m.