EverExceed charger RCM system has very excellent remote control and remote management funcons via PC, mobile and laptop terminals, therefore, the charger operaon status can be controlled and monitored efficiently, safely and intelligently.

Key advantages:
  • EverExceed charger RCM system use the cung-edge remote connecon technology, and the breakthrough devices. The most disncve advantages of EverExceed RCM system overtradional remote connecon device are as follows:

Tradional remote connecon

(see below blue color diagram)

Connecon to computer shall pass many

firewalls, need many network seng

Must set network or router, so coordinaon with IT dept. Is more important connecon
Connecon is impossible for the device connected by more than two routers

EverExceed RCM system
(see below green dash line diagram )

Computer and charger can connect
to nominated VPN server to exchange data

One WAN IP can support mulple
Can connect smoothly to remote control for device connected by mulple routers

Humanity software interface:

EverExceed charger RCM system log in interface is very humanized, user friendly and simple, just like QQ/Skype. User just need to key in Domain account, user name and password, then can connect to remote device easily (not limited in LAN).

Powerful  management functions

Domain is the basic sector of human-machine management, with special management mechanism. Single unit management and group management are available, so it is very convenient for users at different levels with different privileges to set and monitor. One domain can contain mulple HMI(charger), HMI group, and domain user.

The picture on the leA shows a domain example:
In this example, one domain can be used by mulple users. For example, user No.1 and user No. 2, charger an be distributed as Charger Group1, Charger Group2, Charger Group 3… One charger can be distributed to multiple charger group and can connet to the charger into this group. (like User  No. 1 and Charger group 1 ). Every user can connect to the charger which is distributed to its group. (like User No. 2 and Charger J) Mulple user can connect to the same charger, can distribut e the charger to charger group (like charger A). tor distributed the charger to user directly (Charger H).

My Domain configuration (Domain example)

Powerful remote control functions

EverExceed RCM system has very powerful remote control funcons, the core remote soAware support PC, mobile and laptop control, can upgrade the system soAware remotely. The monitor main interface as follows:

EverExceed remote software support PC, mobile and laptop

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