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Project Description

Cables for HV testing


Flexible silicone frostproof high-voltage cables KEP-100, KEP-70 and KEP-70p are suitable for high-voltage testing both as part of ETL vans and separately, as well as for use in the measuring circuits of tgδ insulation (KEP-12t). Сable test vans ETL-40V and ETL-80V made by

KharkovEnergoPribor as a means of testing and detecting cable faults are are both supplied with flexible silicone frostproof highvoltage cables, which retains its flexibility at the temperatures as low as minus 40˚С.

Cable Insulation Tester VLF-60


VLF-60 Cable Insulation Tester made by KEP is a very low frequency high potential tester that ensures efficient testing and fault location on medium voltage cables. Very low frequency (VLF) testing involves applying frequency in the range of 0.01 to 0.1 Hz to the cable

under test, which is non-destructive to insulation of proper quality, but is enough to detect cable faults. Compared to DC cable testing, which can be damaging to good insulation, VLF testing does not have such a detrimental effect on the cable being tested.

Parameter Value
 Output Voltage
 Sinusoidal  0 – 62 kV peak / 0 – 44 kV RMS
 DC  ± 0 – 60 kV
 Squarewave 0 – 60 kV
 Accuracy  ± 1 %
 Accuracy  0.1 kV
 Output Curent
 Sinusoidal (RMS)  26 mA
 DC / Squarewave  40 mA
 Accuracy  ± 1 %
 Resolution  1 μA
 Output Frequency  0.01 – 0.1Hz in steps of 0.01 Hz (default 0.1 Hz) – auto
frequency selection
 Output Load  1 μF @ 0.1 Hz @ 44 kV RMS
5.0 μF @ 0.01 @ 44 kV RMS
10.0 μF max capacitance (at lower frequency
and Voltage)
 Output Modes
 VLF AC Sinewave  yes
 VLF AC Squarewave   yes
 DC (positive or negative polarity)   yes
 Vacuum Bottle Test Mode (DC)   yes
 Cable Jacket / Sheath Testing   yes
 Sheath Fault Location   yes
 Breakdown Mode
 Fault Condition Mode  yes
 Fault Trip Mode  yes
 Voltage and Current  True RMS and / or peak
 Capacitance  0.1 nF to 20 μF Range
 Resistance  0.1 MΩ to 20 GΩ
 Waveform  Real time oscilloscope display of actual
output voltage waveform
 Safety 50 / 60 Hz – 12 kV Feedback Protection /
Dual Discharge Device (internal)
 Duty Cycle  Continuous
 Computer Interfaces  USB, RS-485
 Display  Color touchscreen TFT 5.7 “ (115 × 86 mm)
 Input Voltage  (110 to 240) V AC ±10 %, 50 / 60 Hz
 Consumption Power  1.2 kVA
 Dimensions (H × W × D)  530 × 580 × 410 mm
 Weight  60 kg
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