Time Domain Reflectometers

Time Domain Reflectometers 2024-02-03T19:11:56+00:00

Project Description



Reflectometer RIF-9 can be used to detect, determine the type of and distance to various inhomogeneities (couplings, branching, etc.), determine the total length (including on drums and in bundles) as well as the velocity factor of balanced and unbalanced power cables and communication lines up to 120 km long.

When locating cable faults, the reflectometer RIF-9 can be used standalone for determining the distance to the points of low-resistance cable defects (which formed, for example, naturally or in the process of burning insulation in the damaged area) as well as in conjunction with a high-voltage source or a surge generator for fault pre-location with high-voltage methods of impulse arc reflection, impulse current, and voltage decay.